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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Drowning in the Sound of the Grates

June 14, 2006

On this, our last night in London, our record label asked us if we wanted anything special.

"Anything?" we replied. We were wary, they having posed this question before, with they not delivering the Wilmer-Valderama-in-a-cake as we requested.

"Anything." They said. "Even Wilmer Valderama in a cake."

We wanted to play with the Grates again. At their record release show.

And you know what? The fine folks at City Rockers Records delivered. It was very, very good.

Earlier in the day, I inked a deal with the fine folks at Drowned in Sound to become their Los Angeles correspondent. Every month, I will be contributing more than a thousand words of content to their pages, so get your reading glasses ready!

See you in Los Angeles!

-Ben Lee

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