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Monday, June 12, 2006

Milkshake Mix in London; More Crazy Pete

June 12, 2006

Today we drove to the Dairy Studios in Brixton, London, where the band recorded an alternate, milkshake version of 'Suspicious Character' for a future b-side. While I was away dining with my fancy London friends, Dyan was locked in a glass case and forced to play the piano until her fingers bled while Zachary and Zebastian prodded her and laughed.

The pianist had her just desserts later, however, as the drummer and guitarist were later thrown into the transparent prison and bound to their instruments.

The rough mix sounds delicious.

Also to be filed under 'delicious' are the Middlebrough, London, Stoke, and Manchester diary entries I finally got around to posting today. Simply scroll down to read them, they're posted reverse-chronologically.

Lastly, here's Crazy Pete from Stealer, teaching us to speak Liverpudlian.

Londoners! We will be seeing you tomorrow and Wednesday!


Ben Lee


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