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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Zebastian Visits the Next Level

Sunday I went to visit the band in the studio and Zebastian was nowhere to be found. This was of some concern because it was time to lay down guitar tracks for the album, and Zebastian is the band's guitar player. Where was he?

We searched high and low, low and high, but it was not until we found a note pinned to his jacket that we realized there was no need to worry.

True to his word, Zebastian returned shortly with some next-level shit. Believe you me, the new guitar work is beyond Advanced Russian Math.

Included below are some more photos of the rest of the night's shenanigans. Also, I've written an article about out dear friends the Adored for online magazine as they prepare to begin a UK tour supporting the Buzzcocks. Read the article here.

-Ben Lee

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