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Monday, May 09, 2005

Our Kelly

EDIT: I messd up on the afterparty dates the first time i typed this, sorry. Check the bottom of this posting again to ensure your calendar is correct.

Our London hotel lacked Internet access, so it’s been a few days. I apologize—apologise—for this. Yesterday was an off day, and in honor of Mother’s Day in the States, Zachary and Dyan went out on the town with their mothers. The rest of us went out drinking in honor—honour—of our own, who are pining for us back home.

Mac, a new friend of ours who was visiting Stacey City Rockers from Glasgow, had the most horrible day. First he fell down a set of stairs at the Lock Tavern in Camden, then he realized—realised—he hated his tote bag, and finally, he came down with a migraine headache (likely due to the four bottles of wine he consumed over the course of the day). He attributed all his misfortune to the Celtic soccer—football—team winning that day. Mac claims that whenever the Celtic team wins its league, he has a terrible year. Every one of Mac’s dead pets, dead relatives, nasty breakups, and flare-ups of indigestion can be attributed to a Celtic championship season. If anyone can think of a way to rid him of this curse, please make your voice heard. It breaks my heart to see him like this.

We’re in Nottingham, and tonight is our first gig without Maximo Park. Our last show with them was probably the highlight of the tour. Paul from MP took over my MC-ing duties for TBA, warming the crowd with a delightful story of how the Blood Arm can lead even the lion and the lamb to lie together, and I took a turn introducing the Maximo boys. At one point during the Blood Arm set, Nathaniel walked fully upright on the outstretched hands and heads of the audience, losing his shoe in the process. He was forced to walk around with cardboard stuffed in his sock for the rest of the evening. (Worry not, he replaced the lonely shoe with a new pair off snakeskin boots yesterday.) It was sad to say goodbye to Maximo Park and our friends in the Research, and we wish them all the best on their future tours. But now it’s time to step out on our own.

If you haven’t yet RSVP-ed to for the parties in Leeds, Glasgow, and Liverpool, what are you waiting for? Space is filling up quickly, so you best hurry. (Nathaniel, Dyan, and myself will also be DJ-ing at Bierkiller in Manchester on May 13 as well, but you don’t have to RSVP for that.) You must have your name in by 5:30 pm on the day of the party for your name to be counted. Please note that the Glasgow party location had changed.

May 10- Leeds @ the Faversham (show is at Josephs Well) with guest DJs from the Sunshine Underground.
May 11- Glasgow @ Barfly (show is downstairs in the same club) with guest DJs from Flying Matchstick Men
May 15- Liverpool @ Barfly (show is in main room at same club) with special surprise guest DJs.

Now there’s a tabloid staring straight at me with an article by Kelly Osbourne titled “My Brawl With a Girl in a Bar,” and it reminds me of a dream I had before we left on tour. I want to start a Kelly Osbourne cover band, comprised solely of the underage beneficiaries of R. Kelly’s golden showers. They will be called Our Kelly. Keep an eye out for them in the support slot on the next TBA tour.

See you soon!

-Ben Lee


Anonymous mu said...

Just to say i was at your last gig with maximo park at ULU and LOVED IT. the best gig ive been to in a while - and i thought you were better than supporting the killers and the bravery. im gonna be at the gig on friday the 20th at the Barfly in London so ill see you again then! my friend who jumped on stage during your set on saturday night is gonna be there as well - so well come over and say hi. yours, mu.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Nic said...

Awww poor mac. hehe. Cant wait to see u guys again on saturday. im really lookin forward to it. Nic

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the aftershow parties are up north and it makes me very sad. Are they better than us below-the-midlands-folk because of their quaint accents. or love of raw food. please come back down to our charming southern cities and party there. Namely Milton Keynes. which, okay, clearly has very little tangible charm but is lovable in its way. kind of like a really nice ashtray.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How-do folks.
Erm, just a little note to say that i've never been so upset in a while as to say that I couldn't come upstairs , say hello in more longevity, talk about anthing really and listen to you four having arguments over the music getting played...with myself becoming more and more vocal over the choices being made.
Anyways, thanks for a great show and it's very liberating to be able to spit beer over your fellow compadres within the crowd.
Oh also, thanks for being very easy to talk to (if but briefly only..unfortunately). Special ta! to Nathan for getting my Bomb Romantics signed (and actually coming back to find me with the box!) Had a feeling it had gone forever for a second....was getting emotional for a second.
Anyways, next time you're back in Glasgow or anywhere near, I'd love another chance to 'party' with you lot...or as we might say from my neck of the woods..'have a session'.
If the lot of you ever need a place to stay in Stirling, you're more than welcome.

PS We're the two lads you me after the gig, at the bottom of the stairs, who came from Stirling (funny that..). Nathan : It's got a river/big lake too...not called the Blood Lake, it's called the Allan, or something like that.

Best wishes,

From Ewan

and Ryan

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ewan... His name is NATHANIEL, don't change it... I don't like it! :-P

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay okay okay....!


2:21 AM  
Blogger Ebbs said...

Sorry for the belated comment, I saw you guys at ULU on the 5th.. you guys were excellent, can't wait for an album =).

1:21 PM  

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