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Friday, April 29, 2005


April 26- Most hangovers usually leave a lasting headache, but all this is figurative—to outside observers they wouldn’t even exist save for the acher’s constant groaning. This morning, however, Zachary and Zebastian awoke with headaches very much visible, the bruises covering their foreheads testament to the insanity of the previous evening. Newcastle knows how to party.

Phil from City Rockers had a rubber stamp created for our tour with THE BLOOD ARM pronounced in bold capital letters on its business end. By the end of the show (at which our tourmates Maximo Park were amazing), nearly all 600 persons in attendance were sporting multiple stamp tattoos from forehead to toe. Then the evening became a blur.

There was Nathaniel pissing off, then attempting to throw himself off the Millennium Bridge. There was Zachary finding himself shoeless at the indie club. There was the after-after party at Tom, Duncan, and Lucas from Maximo Park’s house, the only attendees being them, myself, Zachary, Zebastian, and the three young boys Zach had invited from the show. There was soccer in the street, with Tom providing the soundtrack from his turntables inside. There was too much dark rum. There was… I can’t really remember what else. Somehow we made it back to the hotel. Now there are bruises on Zach and Zebastian’s foreheads.

We’re driving to Preston for the gig tomorrow as I type this, and I’ve fallen a bit in love with the countryside. I could live here, I think. Maybe not as a farmer or a shepherd, but as a professional Gentleman. I’d have a horse stable and I’d picnic everyday with my stable boy. Perhaps Zachary could be my stable boy. We’d plot to murder someone. We’d house a deranged relative in the attic, telling no one of her existence. There would be a steeplechase course behind my manor, and I’d organize weekly competitions between the local gentry, a number of whom I’d secretly hate. My wife would take up quilting, the children would be home-schooled, and by night my spouse and I would have affairs with our many servants, or maybe a mysterious wounded traveler we’d taken in. Soon, we’d learn of each other’s infidelities, and after a brief, nasty row and a death (murder?) in the household, renew our vows in an elaborate pastoral ceremony. It’d be so Jane Eyre.

Now I’ve gone and made myself all steamy… I need a breather. See you in Preston!

April 28- Being sequestered in a hotel room while waiting for soundcheck is not so difficult when one possesses a powerful imagination. Through this magical tool, Zachary, Zebastian and myself were able to sail the high seas on a pirate ship, rob a bank, kiss the hand of a beautiful Algerian princess, waltz on the moon… Without ever leaving the room! (Actually we just watched a lot of Spongebob Squarepants.)

When we finally had time to explore the fine city of Preston, Dyan, Nathaniel and I had the good fortune to stumble upon Real Records, one of the best secondhand record stores I’ve ever visited. From Orange Juice to Prag-Vec to the Undertones to Blondie to the Young Ones, they had just about every 45 you could possibly want. The manager and a friend—the latter gent appeared to have been drinking since the day before—were quite knowledgeable as well. (The friend had been Elvis’ soundman!)

Speaking of soundmen, ours is probably the greatest ever. Not only does Mitch carry a list of comic books he needs to buy with him everywhere in his tool belt, he wears a different pair of day-glow spandex pants every day! (He’s brilliant with the sound too, of course.) One of the most genial fellows I’ve ever met.

The show was great too, save for the gent who robbed Zachary of our rubber THE BLOOD ARM stamp.

Now I’m drunk as fuck and I’m trying to type about today at Colchester. Colchester is a fine city. Some ladies told me I was ‘gay as a window’ this evening, but insisted it was a compliment… I’ll take their word for it. A boy who resembled Jesus kept buying me drinks. Does this mean I’m saved?

More tomorrow…

-Ben Lee

Sunday, April 24, 2005

TBA in the UK

April 24- Upon arriving in London this afternoon, everyone we talked to told us that people of Newcastle have a loony habit of not wearing any clothes. Being the rubes we are, all eyes in our party were glued to the windows as soon as the van—a purple monster I’ve named the Quilted Camel—crossed into the city, hoping to view all the special parts we’ve only seen on television and in magazines. It quickly became apparent that when Londoners say “not wearing any clothes,” what they really mean is “dressed inappropriately for the weather.” All the boys out and about were donning t-shirts and shorts, while the women were lolling around in bare-midrifts and miniskirts. And it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside!

While the scantily-clad boys and girls were stimulating, we were slightly disappointed to learn that the Newcastle Brown Ale factory had moved years and years ago to South Africa or Brazil or some other place far away. (Colonialism went out of style years ago, didn’t it?) Fortunately, the hotel bar was well stocked with the ale, and we did not go thirsty for want of drink.

Other exciting things learned today:
-“Interbev” is Finnish for “Cunnilingus.”
-Zachary is a sleepy tiger cub.

We’re in Newcastle for the next day and a half… More thrilling observations to come! (And if you’re from this fine city, can’t wait to meet you tomorrow night!)

-Ben Lee

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Handsome Dan Treated Poorly

What is it about polo shirts with the word "SECURITY" printed on them that transforms the wearer into an utter asshole? As soon as the band took the stage at the Echo last evening, our good friend Handsome Dan was grabbed by his neck and dragged out of the venue by a short and steroided fellow donning a SECURITY tee. Shortly thereafter, the same man violently shoved three girls out of his path, apparently in a run to stop people from dancing too passionately. Before he could complete his desired task, however, he was sidetracked by our friend Tyson's middle finger waving somewhere on the outer edge of his peripheral vision. Interpreting this as a threat to his manhood, the short man switched directives, throttled Tyson against a wall, then literally carried him out of the club. The man even forced Nathaniel back onto the stage during one of his jaunts into the audience.

If people are out of hand, breaking bottles, endangering others and damaging a club's property, the use of force is completely understandable. Last night, however, all I saw was people dancing and having a good time. (The audience was packed with typically crazy, yet good-natured Los Angeles TBA fans: Handsome, smartly dressed kids shaking their asses like nobody's business.) Maybe Mr. Security had a bad day. Maybe he's angry about being short. Maybe he's just an asshole. I suspect the latter.

Now it's morning and we set sail for the UK in a few hours. Anyone seen my passport?

-Ben Lee

Oh... Afterparties! As of this moment, Leeds, Glasgow and Liverpool are party towns. (Hopefully we'll be able to swing something in Nottingham as well, but nothing is scheduled yet.)The parties will start shortly after the shows, and the band plus very special guests will DJ. We'll have loads of free stuff to give away as well. Admission is free if you RSVP to with your name (and your guest's names) in the body of the email and your town in the subject line.

The dates:

May 10- Leeds @ the Faversham (Show is at Joseph's Well)
May 11- Glasgow @ the Sub Club (Show is at the Barfly)
May 15- Liverpool @ the Barfly (Show is in main room, party in a side room)

RSVP early!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Boy Skout

Little known fact: Both Zachary and myself attained the rank of Eagle Scout in high school, the highest possible honor in Boy Scouts.

Better known fact: Boy Skout the band is amazing live. I'd say they're adorable too, but they'd probably beat me up. Check them out at And sublet my room while you're at it. (See previous post.)

-Ben Lee

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Eye of the Kleiler

The Den of Curiosity hosted a viewing party for the completed Say Yes video yesterday evening, and everyone agrees that director David Kleiler is a genius. Not only is he in possession of the most beautiful blonde mane this side of Camelot--every time he tossles it my heart turns arrhythmic--he's got video-directing skills to boot. In fact, he wrote the book on music video-directing. (Look him up on!) He's friendly, too, greeting all with a warm "you're fantastic," even if he's never met the fantastic person he's greeting before. And he played guitar with '80s indie rockers the Volcano Suns. And if you substitute his last name for 'tiger' in Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, it fits better than the original lyric! Now I'm hyperventilating. Must... take... a deep... breath...

There have been a few questions lately concerning my marriage, children, and living situation. While my wife and I remain happily in love (not to mention hopelessly devoted to our four children), we choose to live separately, not unlike Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. We share residences in Hollywood, Echo Park, Malibu, London, Rio de Janeiro and Costa Rica, but rarely--if ever--dwell in any one of the spaces at the same time for more than a few days. We are very much in love, but we appreciate each other's space as well, so we live separately, for better or worse, till death do us part. That said, my wife will not be living in my Echo Park abode during the month of May, either, so it is available for sublet for that entire page of the calendar. Email me at if you're interested.



-Ben Lee

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Den of Curiosity

Zachary, Max (of the Adored) and myself recently relocated ourselves to a loft in Echo Park. We've named it the Den of Curiosity. In order to christen the livingspace, we recorded what is (inarguably) The Greatest Answering Machine Greeting Ever. Unfortunately, Zach and I must abandon our lavish digs (and The Greatest Answering Machine Greeting Ever) for the entire month of May while we tour the UK. If anyone is in need of a place to stay in East Los Angeles in the month of May, I'm subletting my room.

Please, drop me a line if you're interested.

Around we go!

-Ben Lee

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Say Yes

Hello friends! Please excuse me for the long delay in updates, things have been rather hectic as of late...

Yesterday was the video shoot for Say Yes, which will be the second single from Bomb Romantics. The video is based on the movie All That Jazz, and features Nathaniel in a silver sequined jacket and over fifty professional broadway dancers. It should be hitting the airwaves in the UK within the next couple of weeks, and we'll make it available for fans in the US as soon as possible.

City Rockers, the new label of The Blood Arm, will soon have its website up and runnning at Study it religiously, as I have written a series of introductions for it and the bio for the band, and I would be horribly offended if you didn't.

As for the afterparties, I will post the necessary RSVP information as soon as all the details are ironed out.

More to come...

-Ben Lee