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Friday, May 27, 2005

Monday is for Singles

You needn't feel alone any longer, for Monday The Blood Arm 'Say Yes' to singles!

The next superstar from the forthcoming Bomb Romantics is available in three formats: Red and White 7", Blue and White 7", and a CD, each featuring unique B-sides unavailable on the others. Sure you can just take home one, but why not go for the whole menage?

'Say Yes' is available at HMV and through their website, plus just about any other UK music retailer you can think of. For fans stateside and elsewhere who don't want to wait for shipping, the tracks can be purchased online via itunes, Napster, Od2, Wippet... And if you can't figure any of those out, just call me and i'll sing it for you in my best impression of Nathaniel while my wife and kids beat-box the tune behind me. We're nothing if not dedicated.

Dyan tells me an entry is in the works...


-Ben Lee

Oh! There are an extremely limited number of autographed singles at, but I fear they're probably long-gone by now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, I just bought myself some 7" records... woohoo! Anyways, why does pure groove records think you're from New York (though I love NY)... come on damn it... you're from LOS ANGELES... represent!
-much love-

9:13 PM  
Blogger BLOOD AMBITION 2006 said...

We actually spent a half an hour crossing out "New York" from the pamphlets they were handing out at the Pure Groove instore and writing "LOS ANGELES" over the mistake in big block letters. We tore down all the posters they had made with the misprint and destroyed them. Nathaniel clearly states multiple times in-between songs that, "We are The Blood Arm fro Los Angeles California," and proudly namedrops the fine city from which we hail in every interview. The problem is, everyone in the UK assumes everything cool that originates in the States comes from NYC. We're doing our best to correct that fallacy, but these things take time. On the other hand, I thought the Pure Groove problem had been corrected already. I'll get to the bottom of this...

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Lee for the love of god as a b-side on whatever the next single is (may i suggest 'when we were eaten by wild animals') can you do that impression of Nathaniel with your family beatboxing behind it. Or even just as a secret track. Cos it would be bloody marvelous.

7:15 AM  

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